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  • Henry Heinemann

    Henry Heinemann

    One of the things that make Henry such a good Administrator is that he sees himself first not as an administrator, but as a friend. He’s energetic, he’s always smiling, and most of all, he’s always willing and ready to lend a hand, or an ear.  “Helping people is why I got into this business, and unless you’re listening to them, you’ll never really help them.” To that, we say, “truer words were never spoken.” This is why Henry was the unanimous selection when the administrator position in Williamsbridge opened. “I’m arriving at a great time. We’re a perennial 5-Star facility and we’re embarking on a very impressive renovation of the building and grounds. And I feel pretty special, being chosen to oversee the very first member of the Centers Health Care family.” The residents and staff feel pretty special to have you, Henry.

  • Kayanne Tayloe, RN
    Director of Nursing

    “I love being here at Williamsbridge. My staff is great, and there’s nothing they won’t do for our residents. That’s what makes us a great team. Nursing here is what I imagined it would be when I was in school, working together to help people”. And with that philosophy, Kayanne has developed one of the finest nursing teams in the city; skilled professionals, dedicated to their jobs and to the residents they care for. We suppose that explains why everyone from staffers to residents to family members always brighten when the see miss Kayanne coming down the hall. You will too.

  • Marlis Demitchell, PT

    Marlis Demitchell, PT
    Director of Rehabilitation

    Marlis is responsible for maintaining a world class therapy program in a “small town” facility. “This was the perfect assignment for me. I got into physical therapy so I could ‘get my hands dirty’, not so I could one day be the boss. Becoming the director only confirmed that I had the right idea, and it lets me be even more hands-on”. Marlis and her team work hand in hand with residents in their rooms and in the common areas as well as in the center’s therapy suite. Giving people a chance to apply their therapy exercises in a real world setting increases their independence, boosts their sense of accomplishment, and gets our short term rehab residents ready to return home even sooner. And who could need more proof that that that Marlis is running things right?

  • Kalian Murphy, LSW

    Kalian Murphy, LSW
    Director of Social Services

    The social worker is almost always one of the first friends new residents make when they move into a Centers Health Care facility. And those lucky enough to meet Kalian first have a friend for life. One of the original Williamsbridge staffers, Kalian has been through it all, and credits that for being part of the reason she is able to connect so well with new residents. A life-long Bronx resident, Kalian “forever” that she wanted to pursue a career in Social Work. A qualified social work professional, Kalian provides support and counseling to our residents and their families and the world of Williamsbridge Center always looks brighter behind her infectious smile.