Centers for Renal Dialysis Centers for Renal Dialysis

Centers for Renal Dialysis

The highest level of dialysis care in a warm, comfortable environment.

Keeping the body in balance and improving the lives of those we care for is our mission—and our promise to you.

Receive personalized care...

Receive personalized care...

Our multilingual Dialysis Center team—composed of board-certified nephrologists, registered nurses, renal dietitians, and licensed social workers—ensures that each patient receives individualized medical attention. a state-of-the-art setting a state-of-the-art setting

Our ultramodern dialysis facility is designed to provide a soothing, high-end setting for patients, ensuring that they benefit from the best possible care—a place to restore and maintain their health.

A full spectrum of renal services and amenities

Be comfortable.

Your plush dialysis recliner with heat and massage functions ensures your comfort—as you watch a personal smart TV with a cable connection.

Rest assured.

Clinical safety and quality assurance support all aspects of our professional care, with a high staff-to-patient ratio, ensuring personalized care.

Keep in touch.

Improving diet and fitness and continuing education about how to live and work with the disease are all integral parts of the program.

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All the tools and protocols necessary to provide the most efficient back office functionality.

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