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Our advanced clinical capabilities mean better results.

By working with skilled nursing facilities, primary care physicians, and members of the community, Centers Laboratory optimizes healthcare with cutting-edge analyzers and software for direct chart integration, resulting in fast documentation, auto-updates, and expedited results.

The lab with trusted results.

The lab with trusted results.

Our promise is to position our lab at the center of your healthcare. Data flows instantly, ensuring quality, precision, and accuracy—so you can always depend on our results.

The lab with a personal touch.

The lab with a personal touch.

We treat patients with the dignity they deserve. Every sample that runs through our lab is seen as an individual person: a parent, spouse, child, sibling, or friend who deserves the highest level of care and respect.

Meet SmartChart.

It’s our integrated data platform that keeps all care players on the same page, at the same time.

Cloud-based connectivity

Our integrated system maintains all lab data for each patient in one unified database, so everyone’s looking at the same thing in real time.

Automated alert system

Thanks to automated alerts, the flow of information is always kept complete— from healthcare providers to patients, to our laboratory and our tablet-carrying phlebotomists.

Workflow champion

Log in anytime for always-on data. Updates on our end are also directly reflected in your charts, so you’re the first with the latest piece of information.

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