June 28, 2021

A Happy Birthday to a Longtime Well-Loved Triboro Center Nurse

When you meet Leonora, you cannot help but smile to whatever she has to say in your presence. It’s just that simple. Ms. Keitt, a warm and highly-respected Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and Home Health Aide (HHA) at Triboro Center just turned 69 years young on June 10 but that’s not the full story. Ms. Keitt has also been at the Triboro Center building since May 2011 and she has worked as a CNA and HHA for Triboro Center and Centers Health Care since the location was named “Triboro Center” in 2017, taking care of the residents and escorting them to community appointments.

“Everyone loves Leonora and her experience can teach anyone a great deal about nursing and caring for the residents,” said Rose Ferreira, Triboro Center’s Recreation Director and Corporate Co-Director of Recreation for Centers Health Care. “So we wish Leonora a very happy birthday and many more to come.”

As seen on New York City Patch.

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