November 16, 2021

Boro Park Center Resident is a 2021 “Art From the Heart” Winner

For many years, New York State’s “Art From the Heart” annual contest has yielded a large number of beautiful work from both short-term and long-term nursing home residents. To make the top twenty is an incredible milestone but then to have your art work to be chosen as one of the thirteen winners, is truly a heartfelt gift.


This year, a gorgeous painting called, “Lady by the Tree” by 81 year-old Boro Park Center resident Margaret Sherry Field, is a 2021 winner of the “Art From the Heart” statewide. The painting depicts a woman looking out to a body of water with her back turned towards a breathtaking and vibrantly colorful tree. She is also holding bouquet of colorful leaves she got from the tree.. From the blue of the water, the green land and the striking colorful tree , you can’t turn away from Margaret’s “Lady by the Tree” painting.



When they look at it, I wanted people to get a sense or feeling of openness,” said Ms. Field. “It (the painting) came to me one day, it’s sort of magical, I just started it and it evolved. It makes me feel good.

The 17 year-old contest is put out by New York State’s Foundation for Quality Care. The Foundation of Quality Care is the non-profit education and research organization of The New York State Health Facilities Association (NYSHFA) / New York State Center for Assisted Living (NYSCAL) and was organized in 2001. The painting will be one of the thirteen winners and will be featured in the 2022 “Art from the Heart” wall calendar, where twelve photos a selected by the state’s panel of independent jurors, one art work for each month and one more for the cover of the calendar. This year, the thirteen were selected from 81 submissions.

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