April 30, 2021

Bronx Center reopens to families and friends

For the first time since March of 2020, families and friends are now able to reunite in person with their loved ones at the Bronx Center. One such reunion was incredibly special.

Every Friday around 4 p.m. since the pandemic began, Bronx Center resident Esau Germain arranged a Zoom call with many members of his family, including one close friend, James Whaley. Germain is part of a close family of several siblings and he even considers Whaley a brother.

On April 27, Whaley came to the Bronx Center and was able to have a one-hour reunion with Germain where they ate lunch together, got caught up on life and hugged since they have both been fully vaccinated. This reunion , according to both Whaley and Germain, something they will never forget. Friends who consider themselves brothers.


As seen on Bronx Times.

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