July 11, 2021

Centers Health Care’s Summer Crossgates Mall Charity Walk

The Centers Health Care Group is raising money for local charities and they came up with a fun and easy way to get people to participate. On Sunday, they hosted a summer charity walk at Crossgates Mall. Attendees received tickets to vote for one of five designated charities and enter a raffle.  And they could get more tickets for every lap around the mall they did.

The charities included “Walk to End Alzheimer’s”, The capital city rescue mission, The Regional Foodbank of Northeastern New York, and more.

Centers Health Care wanted to create a fun, laid back way to give back to the community.

Danielle Donato, from Centers Health Care, said,

“We’re just trying to get people to understand that a dollar does go a long way. Even if you can’t donate today, just coming here and voting for an organization, especially if they’re living locally in these communities and they know what these organizations are, they’re all special, they all do wonderful things.”

The winning organization will get a cash donation from Centers Health Care.

The event was free, but people could also donate if they wished.


As seen on WRGB Albany.

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