July 02, 2021

Father’s Day at Northern Riverview

There’s a quote that says, “Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.” And these residents who are dads are those special someone’s. What’s more is that every year, it always seems that Mother’s Day has the leg up on Father’s Day, but at Northern Riverview on Route 9W in Haverstraw, Father’s Day is just as equal as Mother’s Day. On June 20, Father’s Day 2021, the facility celebrated the resident fathers and role models. Recreation Director Lori Silverstein and her team completed a Father’s Day puzzle, created an amazing Father’s Day banner and filled the facility full of decorations. As gifts, colognes and hats were given and a delicious Father’s Day cake was enjoyed by all. To cap everything off, the residents enjoyed a father’s themed movie, Henry Fonda’s On Golden Pond.


As seen on Journal News LoHud.

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