February 20, 2023

Glens Falls Chronicle Blood Drive

This is a story of so many heroes. On February 16, Centers Health Care's
Warren Center sponsored a blood drive at the Queensbury United
Methodist Church with the American Red Cross. People from all over the
Queensbury and Glens Falls region came to the Church to give blood and
save lives. Centers Health Care's Community Liaison for the Adirondacks,
Pamela Bowe, educated and encouraged the community to sign up. Ms.
Bowe spoke to donors and answered their questions regarding the
importance of blood drives in relation to Centers' post-acute care facilities
throughout the Adirondacks.
[PHOTO: Centers Health Care's Pamela Bowe answered questions about
the blood drive and informed the community about services offered by the
Centers Health Care facilities in the Adirondacks.]

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