September 20, 2021

Granville Center Promotes Eating Healthy and Exercising

The residents helped the Recreation staff prepare, and plate fruit pizza where the staff sliced watermelon into the shape of a pizza, then added a thin layer of cool whip and topped it with blue berries and strawberries. Then staff offered all of the residents and co-workers a slice. Making healthy food to be fun is a great way to eat healthy.

“Our residents deserve to be both happy and healthy,” said Jennifer Hall, Recreation Director at Granville Center. “We know that offering fun healthy food presented in a fun way where they can also participate goes a long way. Exercising can also be fun in a form of dancing.”

The program wrapped up with a sports themed party. Along with dancing and workouts like stretching, the Recreation Department served a fresh fruit cup, chips and dip, low calorie ice cream and brownies, and mini hot dogs cooked in a light BBQ sauce. Everyone had a good time and the residents loved the dancing part.

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