September 14, 2021

Martine Center’s Employee of the Month for September 2021


When Martine Center Recreation Specialist Sandy Joseph found out that she was named Martine Center’s Employee of the Month for September 2021, she nearly cried. Ms. Joseph works so hard in the Recreation Department to keep the residents happy and busy at this 200-bed nursing and rehabilitation facility on Tibbits Avenue in White Plains, nothing gets in her way. What’s more amazing about Sandy is that she’s only been employed at Martine Center since March of this year and to receive such an honor in such a short span in time, has not been seen often. So it shows that she loves her job, as well as her residents and fellow colleagues. Sandy has gone above and beyond for not only the recreation department, but also for our residents and their loved ones, said Nicole Preston, CTRS, CDP, Director of Recreation and Volunteer Services at Martine Center. She prioritizes connecting residents with their families through the virtual and limited visitation programs as this pandemic had resulted to limited communication. What’s more is that Sandy is incredibly creative and loves to ensure that residents have a healthy leisure lifestyle while they reside here.  MARTINE CENTER


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