May 13, 2021

Hammonton Center Social Worker Creates a Poem From the Heart

Last month, Michelle Wolfson, Director of Social Work at the large 240-bed nursing and rehabilitation facility on North White Horse Pike, Hammonton Center, was inspired when the facility had been cleared to open for family visits, more so than it did briefly back last summer. So inspired that her poetry talents awakened and the words came flowing out.

Ms. Wolfson, who had just turned a proud 50 back in April, has been married to her husband for 21 years and she lives with him and her three teenagers in Blackwood, New Jersey. Originally, she was born and raised in Philadelphia and in addition to having her degree in Social Work which she loves, Michelle has another love and that’s writing poetry. In the past she did some freelance writing and blogging for various publications and websites in South Jersey, having her pieces published prior to joining the Hammonton Center team a little more than two years ago. As much as Michelle would love to write poetry for a living, it’s nearly an impossible task in the real word, but she loves social work and has no regrets.

“If I can marry the two loves of my professional life (social work and writing), that would be great, but for now, I need to be in social work,” said Wolfson. “After being an English major, social work was not my first choice of majors in school. Sadly, the creative writing and poetry job market is not what one would hope, but I’m happy.”


As seen on New Jersey Patch.

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