August 06, 2021

John White Honored as Employee of the Month at University Center

In well-deserved recognition of his 27 years as a stellar employee of University Center nursing home, John White was finally honored in July 2021 and declared June Employee of the Month.


White, a veteran who is also known as “John W” has been working at the nursing home, located at 2505 Grand Avenue in Fordham Manor, even before Centers Health Care took over the facility in 1999. He continues to work there as one of the heads of maintenance, kitchen, and housekeeping, and he also works in recreation.


According to University Center administrator, David Schorr and the center’s staff, John’s happiness, good humor and over pleasantness never lose ground and his personality is “positively infectious.”


White’s colleagues said he takes on as many roles as are needed and does so flawlessly. They added that White also steps in at the last minute in emergency situations, and always knows one hundred percent how to alleviate a problem.


Speaking to the Norwood News on July 27, “Zenny,” John’s colleague, who is relatively new at the facility, summed up White’s work ethic, saying, “He brings life to the party. He brings life to the facility.” Zenny said there are 46 residents at the center. Most are elderly but there are some in their 30s or their 50s.


The center’s goal is for all residents “to live a happier, healthier life in a beautiful facility with people who help them maintain their dignity and independence.” It covers short and long-term rehabilitation and skilled nursing care.


Norwood News also spoke to the Employee of the Month, himself, and asked what inspires him about his work. “I just like what I do. I work in all departments,” White said. Of the residents, he said, “I like hearing their stories. You learn a lot from them.”


Asked if they had imparted any nuggets of knowledge to him over the years, he said, “Not so much. I just talk to, basically, the older guys, certain stories about being in the war and being addicts and recovering… stuff like that… the relationships that some of them had, how many kids they have, just the life that they used to live when they were younger…nothing in particular you know because all of the different stories sound good to me.”


Meanwhile, Schorr said White’s hard work is noticed and recognized. “He has been such a great asset within the facility, always being able to count on him.” He added, “Thank you, John for all you do.”


As seen on Norwood News.

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