July 02, 2021

Luke Plays Patriotic On His Sax at Glens Falls Center

You can’t miss the beautiful sax sound of the Luke McNamee, the holiday loving, baseball enthusiast who seems to entertain wherever he goes. Now for the 4th of July holiday, Luke, known as Uncle Sam O’Phone played to a full crowd at Glens Falls Center on Sherman Avenue in Glens Falls on June 30th. Full of patriotism, he wails out songs of Americana such as “Yankee Doodle Dandy” and then talks a little summertime baseball like the Yankees-Red Sox historical rivalry. He hopes playing to folks is full back again, as he plans on dressing again as Sax O’Clause this Christmas and again at St. Patrick’s Day as Paddy O’Sax and playing live in person, not through the windows as he did during the dark days of the pandemic. Then, Luke traveled outside of the building, from window to window at Glens Falls Center, nothing stopped him, nor the summer heat or the winter snow of 2020. He’s back live again in 2021. Thank you Luke!


As seen on CBS Albany.

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