May 06, 2021

Pajama Day at Topeka Center Boosts Morale

It’s Pajama Day at Topeka Center and Director of Social Worker Katherine “KC” Locher is in Full Unicorn Pajama Gear (Courtesy of Topeka Center)


After a stressful year of protecting the residents and themselves from the COVID-19 virus, staff at the Topeka Center couldn’t wait to boost morale and declared April 21, 2021, “Pajama Day”. This day had a very positive impact with the residents at this highly-respected 120-bed nursing and rehabilitation facility on SW Wanamaker Road, because they too are in confy-cozy clothing, but on a daily basis.

Morale boosting works, proof are Certified Medical Assistants (CMAs) Danielle Stevenson, left, with Destanee Frye, right.


We not only boosted morale here at the Center, but the residents were in total amazement of what we were wearing,” said Social Worker Katherine “KC” Locher. “All in all, we are a fun group, we love our residents and we all work great together. It was such a perfect idea.

Social Worker Anna Avery is a Big Supporter of Pajama Day


Throughout the country, morale boosting at nursing homes and hospitals are at an all-time high. With more and more places easing restrictions and opening up, people are more protected now with three available vaccines and believing that face masks do work, especially inside.

Left, Therapist Hunter Port with fellow therapist Makayla Graham look like Pajama Twins


There’s nothing wrong with finding ways to smile again and at the same time, be protected from the virus,” said Locher. “The residents need this, we all need this to live life again.”

As seen on Kansas City Patch.

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