October 29, 2021

Triboro Center Hosts Bake Sale for Breast Cancer Awareness

Filled with pink balloons and ribbons everywhere throughout the facility, Triboro Center on Teller Avenue had a bake sale on Oct. 27 for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Three tables filled with all sorts cakes, Danishes and cookies, visiting families, their loved ones and staff came to enjoy the bake sale. The staff was very helpful with the families that were there to make sure they got what they wanted. All in all, a perfect day and sale to mark a very special month.

“It’s really nice to do something in good spirits, enjoyable when we think about those who have to deal with this disease,” said Rose Ferreira, recreation director. “It’s really the best way to cope with such a hard fought disease.”

The facility is planning to do this again next October.

As seen on Bronx Times

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