September 22, 2021

Triboro Center recognizes health care Environmental Services & Housekeeping Week

Sept. 12-18 was National Healthcare Environmental Services & Housekeeping Week. To show its appreciation, the Triboro Center, the nursing and rehabilitation facility on Teller Avenue, had a hot breakfast for its hard-working housekeeping department on Sept. 17.

The staff are the unsung heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic, workers who handle everything from laundry to bedding to cleaning and disinfecting. They were the other half of the staffing personnel who are also on the front lines to keeping everyone safe.

“When we think of heroes during the pandemic, nurses and doctors come first in mind since they are clinical, but one cannot forget or underestimate the hard work our housekeeping staff does,” said Nate Goldman, administrator at Triboro Center. “They have done a magnificent job over the past 16 months and they never let their guard down. We are so lucky.”

As seen on Bronx Times


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