Patient, Washington Center

I was totally independent and working until I collapsed at home and was admitted to the hospital with Sepsis. I became extremely weak, I couldn’t stand or walk and was dependent on nursing for my self-care. It was recommended I go to a skilled rehab facility to get me moving again which brought me to Warren Center.  I was frustrated when I arrived but the staff were very welcoming and accepting. My family lived close by, it was convenient for them to visit a lot, I needed their   support. The Rehab staff are terrific! Steve (COTA) and Heather (PT) were dedicated to getting me stronger and getting my independence back. They were so helpful and encouraging. The parallel bars helped me the most by making me feel secure when working on my standing and walking. Now I’m so much stronger. I’m walking with a wheeled walker and able to do my own self-care. I’m excited about getting back home with my dog and family. Warren Center is a great place for rehab.