April 20, 2022

Life Hacks for Home Improvement


Have you heard of a life hack?

It’s a trendy term that basically means a trick or a shortcut that someone devised to make a task easier or more efficient.

You’ve probably developed several of these throughout the years, but thanks to the internet, we can all benefit from life hacks that people from all walks of life have discovered.

Centers Health Care has a look at six great life hacks to help you out around the house.

  1. No Long Match? Use a Piece of Uncooked Pasta

Whether you need a long match to ignite the grill or to light a candle whose wick has burned deep down into the glass, a piece of uncooked pasta is the perfect substitute for an extra-long match, and it will burn for longer than you think.

  1. Removing Highlighted Text

Old books and textbooks are littered with highlighter marks, and you can’t easily erase them.

Or can you?

Cut a lemon in half, use a cotton swab to get some juice on the tip, and then run the swab over the highlighted material to make the color fade away.

  1. Use Nail Polish to Identify Keys

If you have a ring full of keys that you can’t tell apart, get out a few bottles of nail polish. Then, paint the heads of the keys different colors to be able to easily tell which key does what.

  1. No Hose? Use a Pool Noodle

If you’re having trouble getting a bucket under the faucet, don’t mess around with bringing in a hose from outside. Instead, use (or buy—they’re cheap!) a pool noodle as an extension cord for your faucet to fill that bucket up with no hassle at all.

  1. Keep Your Mirrors From Fogging

It’s a hassle to have your bathroom mirrors fog up during and after a shower, but did you know that applying some car wax will prevent that from happening? Apply a small around, let it dry, then buff with a soft, dry cloth to say goodbye to foggy mirrors.

  1. Cleaning Small Items, From Plastic Toys to Dish Brushes

Whether it’s your kids’ (or grandkids’) Lego toys or cleaning supplies like sponges or dish brushes, place the items in a laundry bag and then throw them in the dishwasher. The items will go through a safe sanitization, but make sure you take Lego out before the drying cycle—let them air dry instead.

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