September 16, 2021

Concord Nursing Residents and Staff Remember 9/11

September 11, 2001 will always be a day we will never forget and now in 2021, 20 years later, the wounds are still fresh. We look back on that day, we think about the victims, the families, as well as the first responders who have fallen victim of sickness while risking their lives searching at Ground Zero.


At Concord  Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, the large 140-bed facility on Madison Street in Brooklyn, residents held a tribute for Sept 11 victims and their families by having a moment of silence and holding American flag buntings. Recreation Director Aracelis Abreu hosted the moving ceremony where she read quotes that gave everyone, including the staff, heavy hearts. Two of the many quotes Aracelis read included, “Always Remember and Never Forgotten” and “If We Learn Nothing Else From This Tragedy, We Learn That Life is Short and There is No Time for Hate”.

When I look back on that day, it still makes me sad that 9/11 actually happened,” said Abreu. “Our hearts still go out to those we lost and their families, even 20 years later.”


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