May 26, 2021

Martine Center Nursing Home Week Fun

As nursing homes across the country celebrated National Nursing Home Week from May 9th to May 16th doing so many fun things among staff and including their residents, they are all smiles in 2021. All in all, Martine Center staff took the time to finally enjoy themselves after so many stressful weeks. So, the 200-bed nursing home and rehabilitation facility on Tibbits Avenue in White Plains had a building-wide barbecue, spa day with giving out Centers Health Care bathrobes. Additionally, they had a carnival, ice cream trucks, and a concert and tie dying. This past year was definitely a difficult one, but having a fun-filled week having both staff and residents being so thankful to have each other, that’s what counts, said Nicole Preston, Recreation Director at Martine Center. Having a great moment are Michelle Previtali, Recreation Specialist and resident Ena Morris who are showing off their matching tattoos from the carnival.


As seen on Iohud.

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