• Kenny Rozenberg, CEO

    Kenny Rozenberg, LNHA
    Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    Kenneth “Kenny” Rozenberg found Centers Health Care in 1996 and remains as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Rozenberg began his career in healthcare as a Volunteer Emergency Medical Technician for Canarsie Volunteer Ambulance and Hatzolah Volunteer EMS in Brooklyn, NY in 1986. He first served as an Assistant Administrator at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center from 1990 to 1991. He later moved to Bruckner Nursing Home, a 200-bed facility, where he was the Assistant Administrator until 1995. The following year, Mr. Rozenberg bought his first nursing home, Williamsbridge Manor, a 77-bed skilled nursing facility in the Bronx. Since that first purchase, Mr. Rozenberg founded and acquired 25 additional nursing homes, two home health care agencies, and multiple medical transportation services. This was the beginning of Centers Health Care, a company designed to provide operational consulting/management support, not only for his own facilities, but also for those owned by third parties.

    More recently, Mr. Rozenberg noticed states shifting away from traditional Medicaid reimbursement towards Managed Care. He decided to enter the payer market, and his company, Centers Plan for Healthy Living (CPHL), became the first proprietary Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) HMO to receive this approval for operations in New York in many years. In addition, CPHL is now also licensed as a Medicare Advantage Plan, a FIDA (Fully Integrated Dual Advantage Plan) and an ISNP (Institutional Special Needs Plan). This HMO services all of New York City as well as Rockland, Niagara, and Erie Counties, with plans to expand to other areas in which Centers Health Care has a presence.

    After Mr. Rozenberg received his Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology from Yeshiva University in 1988, he received Masters in Public Health degree from Columbia University in 1990. His education allowed him to move into the skilled nursing field. Mr. Rozenberg is a licensed nursing home administrator since 1996 and paramedic since 1991, certified by the state of New York. His love for assisting people in need has set the course for the mission of Centers Health Care: to provide the highest level of care in a cost efficient manner. His leadership has made Centers Health Care into one of the most well-respected providers of short and long term medical care to residents of New York State.

  • Amir Abramchik

    Amir Abramchik
    Chief Operating Officer at Centers Health Care

    Mr. Amir Abramchik has been with Centers Health Care for 16 years and was named Chief Operating Officer in May 2014.

    Mr. Abramchik started in the Home Care division of Center Health Care in August 1999 when the company was only a start-up, two months after graduating from Touro College. He remained in the Home Care capacity until 2001 when he became the Assistant Administrator of University Nursing Home, 46-bed facility in the Bronx and the third facility to join the Centers Health Care continuum. There, Mr. Abramchik trained to become an Administrator and stayed at University Nursing Home until 2003, when he decided to branch out and take on Administrator roles at a number of other Centers Health Care facilities until 2007. At that time, Mr. Abramchik was asked to be the Director of Special Projects, responsible for overseeing Finance and Operations. Mr. Abramchik remained in that role until 2014 when he was promoted to Chief Operating Officer, the title he holds today.

    Mr. Abramchik received his Bachelors of Science degree from Touro College in New York in 1999 where he majored in Management.