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Boro Park Center has a reputation for being the premier rehabilitation facility in the country, with successful outcomes that improve their patients’ lives and get them home faster. Now, their state-of-the-art gym will be taking rehab into the future…today. COVID-19 has taken its toll, leaving many with long term side effects and in need of restorative physical treatment, so Boro Park Center is answering the call.

“We could see what this pandemic was doing and what it was going to do and we knew we had to act on behalf of the people in the communities we serve, so we started planning. We set out to build the best, most innovative rehab gym and that is what we are doing. We are gutting our old gym and expanding to make it bigger and better.” stated Jeff Grzybowski, Director of Rehabilitation at Boro Park Center.

More than simply a room filled with exercise equipment, the leadership at Boro Park Center is building a leading edge facility, using the latest technology and innovative techniques. According to Grzybowski,“We met with world experts in the field of rehabilitative medicine and therapy and researched the best equipment. We met with designers and builders, everything down to the design and lighting has been carefully thought out and engineered to promote wellness.”

The gym will be outfitted with Jintronix, a comprehensive web-based virtual rehabilitation system. This revolutionary method of recovery provides immersive virtual activities that motivate patients to push harder and exercise longer. The program offers an array of engaging activities designed to help its users achieve more successful outcomes.

The gym will also have several SCIFIT machines, arm bikes, treadmills and universal weight machines in addition to a variety of other hi-tech equipment and feature racketball, basketball and outdoor space. “Every piece of equipment and technology has been carefully chosen by our experts to provide maximum recovery as quickly as possible. Our track record for expedient and successful outcomes is why people come to our facility and it’s why we’re doing this,” stated Grzybowski. The expansion will accommodate twice as many patients as before.

Patients coming to Boro Park Center’s new rehab gym will receive individualized and personalized care from a team of carefully curated experts in their respective fields. From dieticians, to therapists to medical personnel, a patient’s care team will create a holistic plan tailored to their specific needs, offering therapy seven days a week.

The heimishe environment that Boro Park Center was built on will continue to shine with this new addition, catering to more than just the therapy needs of its patients. “Our goal is to make our patients feel as comfortable as possible. We know it isn’t home, but we make it feel that way,” stated Raizy Pavlov, Recreation Director at Boro Park Center.

The new gym is slated to open Winter 2022.

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