Case Studies

Nathan Green

Patient at Boro Park Center

Mr. Green came to Boro Park Center after being discharged from the hospital where he had been treated for a cardiac event. Several days into his recovery, early in the morning, an RN noticed that he was in discomfort, his heart rate irregular and some shortness of breath.

She immediately notified the physician in the Ultra-Care Unit, who had Mr. Green transferred there from his room. The patient was administered antiarrhythmic drugs and placed on anticoagulant therapy. His condition stabilized and for the next three days he was monitored 24/7 by the ICU-trained nurses on the Unit. No transfer to an emergency room was required.

\"The Ultra-Care Unit may well have saved my life. The medical team gave me hospital-level care without having to send me to an ER, where who knows what kind of infections and viruses I might have been exposed to.\"