Case Studies

Senny Josephs

Former patient at Triboro Center

When Ms. Josephs was admitted to the Triboro Center vent unit, she was in recovery from a severe case of COVID-19. She was on a feeding tube, a trach tube, and a ventilator. She was confused and disoriented, and her muscle control was minimal, unable even to open her hands.

Our team monitored her constantly, making sure that her condition had stabilized and that she was comfortable at all times. Our respiratory therapists adjusted her program daily, and she gradually regained functionality in her extremities. After two months, she was able to eat again, her lungs getting stronger, and we gradually weaned her off the ventilator.

\"I can walk again, and, just as important, my mental state is much better. I’m a nurse and my husband is a doctor. I know all about healthcare, and I know that Triboro Center is the best.\"