Case Studies

Esperanza Gallegos Fernandez

Patient at Martine Center

Ms. Fernandez is a diabetic and was admitted to Martine Center after having one leg amputated at the knee. She was also suffering from a diabetic ulcer on her other foot. Her situation was complicated by the fact that she doesn’t speak English. We made a note to always have a Spanish-speaking member of our staff present during all her treatments.

Our treatment was two-fold: cleansing the foot ulcer with soap and water daily and applying antibiotic ointment, while also providing daily physical therapy to teach her how to walk with her prosthetic. We also changed her diet to facilitate healing. Her wounds healed within weeks, saving her from another amputation. She has made extraordinary progress.

\"Soon I’ll be able to walk on my own. Maybe I’ll run a marathon! So, I have two words for the team at Martine Center: Muchas gracias.\"