March 26, 2023

Beth Abraham Center introduces groundbreaking wellness spa during National Social Workers Month

At Beth Abraham Center, the 448-bed skilled nursing facility on Allerton Avenue, officials introduced their brand new wellness spa to the public, as well as to staff and residents within the facility.

With March serving as National Social Workers Month, Beth Abraham’s team of social workers are being pampered all month by this new spa as a way of saying thank you for their hard work. This new spa is designed to relieve stress among families and residents, as well as staff and nearby hospital health care workers, and also give anyone who comes to enjoy getting various holistic and beauty treatments, peace of mind.

The new state-of-the-art wellness spa offers not only hair and manicure treatment, but also a calming escape environment, a place to reconnect and reinvigorate the senses.

“This spa is perfect because we see for, not only the residents, but for staff who work tirelessly here taking care of the residents,” said Saul Silberstein, administrator of Beth Abraham Center. “Families will be enjoying this spa because we all know how it is to visit loved ones when they are not at home, so they can relieve their stress at our Wellness Center. What’s more is that our five-person team of social workers are being highly-treated since March is National Social Workers Month.”

Residents have started to enjoy the new spa, which is open Mondays through Fridays. They say that they feel the relaxation and rejuvenation within their daily lives living in the facility. Families and staff are also starting to enjoy its benefits, a major way to relieve the stress in their lives.

As seen in Bronx Times

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