Case Studies

Dave Hartford

Former Patient at Glens Falls Center

Mr. Hartford suffered a traumatic injury in a car accident, with multiple fractures in both legs, requiring hip surgery. Our hospital liaison identified him as a prime candidate for our GO Rehab Program. Upon admission to Glens Falls Center, he was evaluated by our medical team and social workers. He reported feelings of anxiety and depression, uncertain if he would ever walk again.

His therapy began the very next day after his admission. The Jintronix Biofeedback System is non-weight bearing, enabling immediate usage and faster outcomes. At the same time, the nurses and therapists encouraged Mr. Hartford, assuring him that he would soon get back to his life, enjoy walks with his wife, and play in the yard with his grandchildren.

His physical therapy progressed quickly, as did his emotional state. He was buoyed by meeting with other clients during Happy Hour and enjoyed relaxing in the evening watching Netflix. His recovery required patience and hard work, but it was complete.

\"I came to Glens Falls Center in a wheelchair…and left on my own two feet with my wife and grandchildren at my side. I’m so thankful to be back on my feet, walking again.\"