January 10, 2017

Centerlight Chooses Centers Plan for Healthy Living for Their Select Plan Managed Long Term Care Patients

Centers Plan for Healthy Living, a high-quality provider in New York City of long-term managed care, has been chosen by CenterLight Health System to acquire their Medicaid Managed Long Term Care Plan (MLTCP). CenterLight’s selection of Centers Plan for Healthy Living (CPHL) reflects the level of respect that CPHL has earned among its peers in the health care industry.

“This agreement with CenterLight is highly important to the people in need of long term care in New York State,” said Mark Bloom, Chief Executive Officer of Centers Plan for Healthy Living. “CPHL is committed to involving the member, and the member’s health care decision makers to optimize and coordinate each member’s plan of care.”

The goal of the Centers Plan for Healthy Living (CPHL) program, a Medicaid Managed Long Term Care Plan, is the coordination of care to adult MLTC recipients with chronic needs in the New York and Buffalo metropolitan areas.

“Our patients have always come first, so it was important for us to partner with an organization that shares our commitment to high-quality care,” said Ben Duster, CEO of CenterLight Health System. “We are working closely with Centers Plan to ensure that the transition of our members will be easy, stress-free and seamless.”

Centers Plan for Healthy Living is part of the Centers Health Care family, a high-quality complete post-acute health care continuum in New York State.

“This is one more important step in expanding on our mission of providing the most complete heath care support in the most appropriate setting,” said Elliot Kahan, Chief Marketing Officer for the Centers Health Care continuum. “We strongly support any effort that helps people remain in the comfort of their own homes while still receiving the necessary level of care that will keep them vibrant and healthy for their entire lives. Centers Health Care is patient-driven above all else, and long term care planning is crucial to this population, especially as the senior population dramatically increases over the next 20 years.”

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