November 14, 2023

Five-Star Certification

A man enjoying civilian life between military tours ended up with a traumatic injury, but he is not letting that stop him. 26-year-old Markus Allman of Albany deployed to Afghanistan during the tail end of the war, where he served with the National Guard.

\"I am currently a 19 Delta recovery scout, basically the eyes and ears of the battlefield, reconnaissance. I report back to higher up. If we see an enemy, we will engage if necessary,\" Allman explained.

Now he’s the youngest person at the Schenectady Center nursing home. How did he end up here? — it’s not what you think.

A car accident in early September left Markus comatose for a week. He woke up to learn that one of his legs was amputated. Still, the young man who escaped combat unscathed, only to endure a traumatic injury while on leave, says he’s lucky.

\"I feel like I’m not supposed to be here. I was given a second chance. I go back like I was before the injuries that I sustained… I’m blessed that I didn’t experience no traumatic brain injury.\"

Marcus even says he traded some knowledge and war stories with his senior neighbors at the facility. \"It’s interesting. Even if I’m from a different branch from them, it is interesting to hear stories before my time.\"

His physical therapist, Lauren Schilling, says she is inspired as Markus soldiers on through hardships. \"He is obviously different from the typical demographic we see here, but he is so motivated,\" said Schilling.

Schilling explained that a big part of the therapy is self-care and that Markus has been quite independent.

For this vet, on Veterans Day, who fought for his country and his life, attitude is everything.

\"If you are ever setback by something, whether it be financially, physically, or family related, don’t give up and always have a positive mindset,\" Allman told us.

Allman says the next part of his journey is to get better so he can serve his country again. He added that he sees himself enlisting in the military again and serving up to 20 years.

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