June 25, 2021

Community Bingo Returns at Amsterdam

If you think that nursing home residents are exhausted by another round of Bingo, being the nursing home signature game….think again. Many nursing homes throughout the country found ways to keep up the Bingo excitement during the pandemic but hosting these games individually with residents playing in their own rooms and the staff calling out the numbers through the intercom or even virtually over a closed circuit internal TV network or via streaming.

Amsterdam Nursing Home, the large 409-bed nursing and rehabilitation facility on Manhattan’s Upper Westside on Amsterdam Avenue and a member of the Centers Health Care family, made it a daily goal to keep the residents happy and occupied since the pandemic began in March of 2020 and that meant arts and crafts, music appreciation, holiday celebrations and doing some form of Bingo. Now in June, some fifteen month later, group activities at Amsterdam Nursing Home have begun to turn the corner and slowly but surely, to become normalize….especially for Bingo enthusiasts like 57 year old resident Lisa Rubinstein, who loves calling out the numbers at each Bingo tournament.

“Ms. Rubinstein is always helping with all of our programs and incredibly fun to be around with, especially when Bingo gets underway,” said Jay Virella, Therapeutic Activities Director at Amsterdam Nursing Home. “For Lisa and the rest of the residents and staff, our goal is to get back to a pre-pandemic setting here at Amsterdam and we are not letting our guard down. We always want to keep everyone safe.”


As seen on New York Patch.

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