Efrain’s Testimonial on Our Care

Patient, Beth Abraham Center Cardiac Unit

Things were not going well for me. My cardiac condition was deteriorating by the day. I was running out of options…and hope. Beth Abraham Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing was my last resort—and my saving grace.

From day one, the clinical team was focused on helping me recover and get stronger. The Beth Abraham Cardiac Program came to my rescue. The team here exceeded my expectations—top-rated healthcare professionals and board-certified cardiologists are on top of my case. And not only do they have the most advanced rehab technology—cardiac telemetry, echocardiograms and more—they are also on top of the latest treatments and protocols.

It’s been an extraordinary journey back to good health, and the Cardiac Program at Beth Abraham is the reason. My hope is that others benefit from the program the way I have. Here, giving up is not an option. I’m moving forward!