April 14, 2022

Healthy Eating Without Dieting


So many times, diets are a short-term solution. People will see initial success, but they either deprive themselves of foods they like or have such an overall decrease in calories that the diet isn’t sustainable.

A healthier approach is to make sure you’re getting what your body needs without overdoing it on calories.

Centers Health Care has a look at six steps, courtesy of \"The Whole Body Reset,\" to make sure you’re taking when building your meals that will lead to a healthy way of living without having to be on a diet.

  1. Spread Out Protein Intake

Most Americans have a small amount of protein at breakfast, a larger amount at lunch, and a big infusion at dinner. Experts say this should be spread out evenly among three meals, as your body can process around 25-30 grams per meal.

  1. Eat Fortified Dairy Foods

Try for two to three servings of dairy throughout the day. Not only is it a good source of protein, but you’ll get other vitamins and nutrients, such as calcium and magnesium, that your body needs.

  1. Don’t Forget About Fiber

It’s believed that Americans get around 15 grams of fiber per day, which is around half of what they should be getting. Aim for at least five grams per meal, and fortify with snacks like bananas, carrots, fruit, and bran muffins.

  1. Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

Making sure you have colorful fruits and vegetables as a part of all meals and snacks will ensure that you hit your fiber intake. Focus on dark, leafy greens, berries, citrus, and red and orange vegetables.

  1. Indulge on Healthy Fats

Healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids, fruit and nut oils, and dairy fats are actually a good part of your diet. Extra virgin olive oil, seafood like tuna and salmon, nuts (including natural peanut butter), seeds, avocado, and olives are all great sources.

  1. Stick to Water, Black Coffee, and Unsweetened Tea

So many people load up on empty calories from sugary drinks and sodas. And diet sodas are just as bad, as the chemicals used to sweeten the beverages can actually trick your body into thinking it’s hungry when you’re really not, causing overeating.

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