December 06, 2022

Grocery Store Pet Peeves


Top Pet Peeves of Grocery Store Employees Revealed

We all know what it’s like to be at the grocery store and see something that annoys us, but the employees at the supermarket have to wear a smile through anything that may frustrate them. Also, you may be committing some supermarket pet peeves without even knowing it.

Thanks to this survey that provides grocery store workers with anonymity, they’re revealing the top things shoppers do that drive them nuts.

In no particular order, here’s a look at six pet peeves of grocery store workers. How many do you do?

  1. Fishing for Change

If you’re paying with cash and you think you have exact change, that’s great! The clerk will appreciate not having to give change back. You should, however, have your money ready. Don’t fish through your pockets or purse for those nickels or dimes you know you have in there somewhere and hold up the line in the process.

  1. Bagging Your Own Groceries

If you’re not using the self-checkout, let the workers bag your order, even if the cashier is pulling double-duty. This is especially true for a full cart’s worth of groceries, as they will be able to pack up your order quickly and more efficiently.

  1. Filling Out a Personal Check

If you’re paying via check, you don’t need to fill every field out (and even worse—balancing your checkbook after writing the check). Most registers now can fill the check out for you and will then void it—all that’s necessary is your signature.

  1. Putting Fruits and Vegetables Together

While it might seem like a waste to use a produce bag for one piece of fruit, make sure that you keep each product from the produce department separate. They all need to be weighed and keyed into the register separately, so employees at the checkout counter will have to separate your items if you combine them.

  1. Putting an Item Back—Not Where It Belongs

If you’re changing your mind about an item but aren’t close to the aisle where you picked it up from, just hand over the item to an employee instead of just placing it on a shelf six aisles over from where you got it.

  1. Abusing the Express Line Privileges

This has to be No. 1, right? If the express line isn’t busy and you have 12 or 13 items instead of 10, sure—go ahead and use it. We’ll forgive you! But bringing 15, 20, or more items into the 10-or-less lane is bad form, especially if there are people waiting behind you.


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